Cashless Policy Or Not?

Money scarcity has always been a thing in this country but it has never been this bad.

With the well-being of a thousand plus Nigerians on the line and an increasing demand for fuel and naira notes, it gives cause of wonder if we are at the edge of a breaking point.

Cashless policy through transfer has been long adopted by several people but it is a shaky reliance on traditional bank systems because they do not help in the least as they are most times prone to disappointments and network failure. This is especially made obvious with the scarcity of naira notes.

And of course, there is the undeniable fact that cross border payments have been made infinitely more stressful by the traditional banking system with so many paperwork, fees and middlemen.

What Then is The Way Forward?

Blockchain technology is a secured distributed database of linked blocks that enables all kinds of transactions, information, identity and intellectual property to be secured and work transparently without a third party.

What this means is that with the blockchain technology, you can make payments across the globe, utility bills and investments in a secured network that doesn’t require the approval of a third party.

What If There is an App Created With The Blockchain Technology For The Purpose of Easy Transactions?

Centiiv Pay is an all-in-one app that covers all your payment needs such as cross border payments, utilities, insurance, passive earnings, charity and smart crypto loans.

The idea is to create a fast and smooth payment experience for Africans through the blockchain network. It comes at a low cost, performs transactions faster and presents a much cheaper form of cross-border payments.

How Do you Transact on The App?

Centiiv seeks to bridge the gap between Africa’s economy and blockchain system. This can only be made possible through Centiiv token ($CNT) which is the utility token built on the Binance Smart Chain and Tron Blockchain to power Centiiv’s ecosystem.

By purchasing the Centiiv token, you have access to premium for DeFi insurance protocol, collateral for crypto loans, staking and freedom from transaction fees.

It is the official token for the Centiiv ecosystem, so it gives you unlimited access to the benefits that Centiiv community and ecosystem offers.

Centiiv has developed a utility token to power an ecosystem of technologically driven solutions in different sectors of Nigeria and Africa at large. Centiiv ($CNT) Token has a total supply of 100 millions with a solid tokenomics backing it.

With an Ecosystem management of 30% and 46% number of tokens which will be made available for sale on the 27th of February 2023, the possibilities are endless for Africa’s economy. From insurance to charity and smart crypto loans.

Join the community and buy a $CNT token now.