Unlike what it was five years ago, the awareness about digital currency has tremendously grown across the world. Beyond awareness, digital currency enthusiasts are continually faced with the question of what they can do with digital currency outside the digital space. In other words, the users of digital currency strive to know how they can put their digital currency to use in real life.

As of 2021, it is estimated that over 18,000 businesses are already accepting cryptocurrency payments. Although this is a laudable move, it does not really solve the challenge of “real-life use cases” currently faced by the digital currency community as evidence show that most of the businesses accepting payments in digital currency do so with the sole purpose of accumulating more of such digital currency believing in its potential to be the future of money.

Against this premise, Nigerians see digital currency as a means of poverty alleviation and as a result, move from the popular experimental notion in the west that sees digital currency as an experiment and focus on price speculations. For the Nigerian digital currency enthusiast, digital currency has proven to be a major source of livelihood transforming the lives of hundreds of young persons and indirectly improving the standard of living of thousands of other. Minding the giant stride achieved by the Nigerian digital currency community, a clear exposition of a Nigerian digital currency firm could help understand the basics of the Nigerian approach to digital currency.

Centiiv is a blockchain based organization with a lofty aim of connecting Africa to the rest of the world through blockchain. In other to achieve this aim, Centiiv has developed a utility token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to power an ecosystem of technologically driven solutions in different sectors of Nigeria and Africa at large. The use cases of Centiiv are built to satisfy the everyday life of Africans. The actualization of Centiiv roadmap will help solve major problems facing Africa around commerce, transportation and logistics, financial technology (Fintech) and Technological incubation.

To put things in perspective, here are some products (use cases) on the Centiiv project:

Centiiv Pay is a Fintech based solution aimed at creating a platform where users carry out seamless transfer of funds across Africa. It seeks to have an application that will accord users the opportunity to earn through credit, savings and investment. To promote commerce in Africa, Centiiv hopes to have Centiiv Lend and Centiivest as parts of her Centiiv pay solution. While Centiiv Lend is a loan scheme that seeks to allow experienced traders access loan facilities for their businesses with the promise of paying back with interest within a period of time and using their Centiiv token as collateral for the loan, Centiivest is designed to allow Centiiv users invest in different business sectors of the economy such as agriculture, oil and gas, and real estate among many others. The Centiivest is aimed at bridging the gap between real life business and the digital currency environment. It will help businesses attract investments to expand and give Centiiv users an opportunity to earn a Return on Investment (ROI) other than the usual profit (or loss) digital currency users make from the rise and fall in the value of digital currency.

Centiiv Market Place is a proposed peer to peer eCommerce platform that allows buyers and sellers meet to carry out transactions. The blockchain will be employed as a tool of security to ensure that buyers and sellers have a safe and successful transaction/trade. This seeks to give Centiiv users an opportunity to spend their tokens on real life goods and services directly from their wallet. For a proof of authenticity of their products, in order to protect buyers from buying inferior goods, sellers would be required to stake their Centiiv token on the platform.

Centiiv Mobility is a transport cum logistic solution that seeks to serve as a third party to vehicle owners and hired drivers. This is with the aim of facilitating a secured and profitable venture to allow private individuals come into the transportation industry and make income on a parttime basis. Here, centiiv hopes to create a decentralized application that would create a transparent environment to allow security and steady income and in turn create jobs and wealth for Africans.

With Centiiv Lab, Centiiv plans to establish an innovation laboratory where young minds will be groomed in tech to build products for Africa and the world at large. This will occur in the form of an annual reality TV show that brings young programmers together, these programmers would be groomed during the TV show. While all participants would be equipped with skills necessary for their development and growth, the best three participants will be awarded with prizes and integrated into the Centiinvest platform to enable them get funding to grow their businesses.

Africa (and the world at large) is about to witness a massive turn around in its financial life. Blockchain is the engine and Centiiv is the road.